What is the right age to start dating essay

what is the right age to start dating essay

How to cite this page; What's the Right Age for Teens to Start Dating? The Great Debate; Hot Essays: Essay: What Age is Appropriate for Dating? What is the. Everyone says 18 is the age to grow up Persuasive Essay On The 26th other hand, being an adult also comes with plenty how to write a 7 paragraph essay of​. essay is what appropriate for age dating. Well, let's We also need to teach them about sexuality and risk-taking “I think an appropriate age to start dating is 18. what is the right age to start dating essay

TOEFL essay: What is the best age to marry?

Hi sel

There is nothing to have discussion over.
my opinion:

…Anyone has his/her own personal opinion and beliefs. It’s my invincible belief that feeling a sense of satisfaction is highly significant for having happy life besides its impact on other dimension of life such as health and so on. We can enjoy considerable latitude in deciding who we want to marry with and even when we want to get married.

Financially secure for copping with the upcoming problems in your future shared life and being mature enough from physical and mental point of view, which is different from one person to another, are two factors for getting married. In my opinion, the age of getting married depends not only on your culture, traditions and the customs of where you live but it also depends on what is your expectation of life and how do you like to share your private life.
Since getting married is a momentous decision and as we all know everyone’s successful life and our marriage are inextricably intertwined, we have to be careful about choosing our partner, we should make logical decision not emotional one otherwise it would result in failure. Love is good but if it mixes with logic would leads to successful marriage. Thus it is reasonable to assume that verifying the exact age of marriage might not be logical. Nonetheless, one the other hand you have to consider that If you get married late you might confront some problems such as : giving birth for women, difficulties of upbringing the children , the gap between the age of parents and children that leads to difficulties of understanding each-other, and maybe inability to enjoy the family life.
If we imagine that life is a puzzle, finding the lost piece of this puzzle would perfect our lives. Therefore, finding the partner you want to marry with is top priority to get married. As I saw everywhere, Girls get married at the earlier age, sometimes at the teenage years. Additionally as far as I’m concerned the age girls are expected to get married differs from that boys are, and it is common in the overwhelming majority of countries. I have heard on the TV and I have read some psychologist research that scientific research has shown that the gap between the ages of girls and boys should be over 3 and under 7 years, but is it a rule?? Of course not. If you love someone you would marry him/her regardless of his/her age or something else.
In consequence, Dear sel we can draw a conclusion that one don’t have to get married at the certain age. However I love the age of twenty seven. so I was wondering If I have to get married next year? No, I consider myself too young for it…it was my dreamy age for getting married when I was younger. I suppose that it might be a good age for a girl to get married.

It is not an Essay at least I don’t consider it an essay, because not only didn’t I outline before writing but also I think the conclusion and introduction paragraphs are not perfect.
sorry if I made some mistakes.

I just wrote it spontaneously in 15 minutes to express my personal opinion about marriage.I could write more.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.
keep writing.
Thank you.

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